Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Skin

Did you know that your lifestyle can affect your skin? Keep reading to learn more.

In general, lifestyle habits that are good for your health are also good for your skin. This includes things like diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels, and habits such as smoking and drinking.

Diet and Your Skin

Your diet directly affects your health and also your skin. Anything you do in terms of your diet that will help your health will also help your skin. When your body it unhealthy, it often shows on your skin. We all know what foods are healthy, but it’s harder to maintain such a diet since the unhealthy foods taste so much better. Try to consume as much fruits and vegetables as possible. And try to limit the amount of fatty and sugary foods. It’s also important to drink plenty of water. Your body and skin need plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Exercise and Your Skin

Exercise certainly helps your health, and in turn your skin as well. Regular exercise is good for your heart and keeps it pumping blood throughout your body. The more blood is moved throughout your body, the more it reaches your skin. This allows nutrients to get to your skin and allows toxins to be removed from your skin. Try to get some exercise every day. This can be as little as a brisk walk for 30 minutes per day. Or you can go to the gym for an aerobics or other class or to lift weights. Any type of exercise will help.

Sleep and Your Skin

Your body needs sleep. On average, most people need about eight hours of sleep a night. Some people need more and others need less. Either way, it’s important to know how much sleep you need and to get it every night. When you sleep, your body recovers from the day and rests. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body cannot function properly and it increases the levels of stress hormones in your body. Also, not getting enough sleep will make it harder to lose weight if you’re trying to, even if you diet and exercise. When your body is not rested, you can see it in your skin. A common sign is hollowing or dark circles under your eyes. Many people get fillers in this area. But often times the real issues is that they’re not getting enough sleep.

Other Habits and Your Skin

People tend to have other bad habits like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. These are both bad for your body and bad for your skin. Smoking will affect your heart and lungs. These are needed to get oxygen to your skin. If your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen (and other nutrients), it won’t function properly and it will look more aged. Drinking can affect your liver and dehydrate your skin. Your liver detoxifies your body and if it’s impaired, more toxins will remain in your body and skin. Also, if your body is dehydrated your skin won’t function properly either.

Although there are many treatments and topical products you can use to improve the appearance of your skin, it’s important to have good lifestyle habits because often times poor lifestyle choices are the cause of your concerns.

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